Number 2 - 2008

Contain Yourself
Giuliana Bruno is a scholar who is totally one of a kind: born in Naples, she has for many years taught “visual and environmental studies” at Harvard University, covering an area that ranges from cinema to contemporary art, from design to architecture. In her Atlas of Emotion, she has managed to combine these disciplines in an extremely original manner through the idea of a relation between “motion and emotion”. Of packaging, she says, “I would like an open container which one could move around in”

Number 1 - 2008

The New Map of Fashion Culture
Fashion culture has now become a system of permanences rather than trends, whose stylistic variables were already identified some years ago. It therefore becomes extremely interesting to focus on the term culture found in the expression “fashion culture” and to analyse a dimension that expresses a new cultural compatibility in the textile-clothing system, introducing the theme of geographical radicalness and its play of mirrors.

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