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Luxe Pack

«Luxury items…. are without a doubt one of the great tools for the spreading of money and wealth in a State»; thus commented the Neapolitan economist and philosopher Gaetano Filangeri over two centuries ago, in his La scienza della legislazione dated 1785. His words are to be seen in the context of the heightened dispute during the eighteenth century, between those that considered luxury as a form of costly pomp, unproductive and when it came down to it immoral, and those (like Filangeri) who glimpsed signs of progress, of free exchange and social evolution therein.

Freetime Packaging

Exactly a hundred years ago the Futurists sang of the beauty of speed that was to have emancipated us from the “iron collar of Time and Space”.
In the century that has passed since those proclamations, technology has given us so many inventions that we are hard put to understand how we might progress further but that certainly share the characteristics of shortening, speeding up, multiplying, that is, they have tried to “liberate” us from spatiotemporal limits.

Number 2 - 2008

Emotional Pack
One often hears talks of viral, emotional and even neuronal marketing - as if the technique of selling products had by now turned en masse to the science of the mind and the study of the psychology of the purchaser - abandoning the traditional socio-cultural approach to which it entrusted itself just a few years ago. A similar swing can arouse two reactions: on the one hand one might think that marketing has grown up and is at last using conceptually qualitative elements, on the other hand that the besieging of the consumer is beginning to dangerously resemble an imperceptible but all-pervasive brainwashing.

Number 1 - 2008

Packaging prét-à-porter
 Once a handful of chosen souls dictated the “rules of taste”, which were destined to become “fashion” and be followed by everyone all over the world. However, in recent times, as researchers, sociologists and observers of human behaviour have insisted on pointing out, we have witnessed the triumph of individual experiences and the flourishing of personal talents instead of traditional macro-trends, in a kind of vast, widespread and uncontrollable do-it-yourself. Nowadays, everyone creates its own style.

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